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There are plenty of good articles being written about China; whether they be in blog, journal, or newspaper article format, including the ones you will find here. This blog intends to appeal to three levels of reader-strata.

* First, I intend to relate my unique perspective about China’s developing economic, political, environmental, and energy policies in a systematic format to help laymen understand what is going on “on the ground.”

* Second, I hope to posit thought-provoking new ideas of the sort found in Journals. Although the blog’s first appeal is to the mass market, the uninitiated, it also aspires to a more nuanced and “expert” calling of unique research.

* And third, I hope to initiate and participate in conversations with other China scholars and those interested in China. As one friend once told me, when speaking about China at times “anything can be true, even the opposite of any assertions that anyone makes.” This valid statement means that any discussion about China will certainly be nuanced, fraught with potential disagreement, but potentially filled with fulfilling ideas.

I promise to provide well researched opinion, to seek out the facts, and write a sourced blog that reads somewhere between the level of intellectual rigor expected of a journal and the mass-informed necessity required of newspaper writing.

I hope you enjoy the blog and take the time to consider my comments. Perhaps you might have a question or a “China Comment” of your own?

~Francis G.


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