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* China Comment hopes to posit thought-provoking ideas of the sort found in Journals. Although the blog’s first appeal is to the mass market, it also aspires to conduct nuanced research. Please join our discussion about China! Content (c) 2008-10


  1. The author, Francis, possesses a BS double major in Political Science and International Studies and graduated summa cum laude. He also has a JD.

    He has worked in the United States and Pennsylvania state governments. He lived a year in Beijing, China; studied Chinese for over three years, and reads extensively in the field, averaging one book on China per week in addition to reading newspaper articles and other places of interest on the web. (Thank heaven (天) for nearby Universities.)

    Comment by chinacomment | 5 June, 2008

  2. Francis,

    Covering China’s energy sector is a monumental task, and I’m glad someone’s taking a stab at it. I’m based in DC and my own work involves China’s energy sector coverage, among various other China-related issues. It’s such a fluid and often opaque sector that it takes sustained research to “figure it out,” if you will. You should read Erica Downs’ piece on China’s energy security policy if you haven’t already. Very elucidating.

    Keep up the good work. Perhaps we can trade some notes in the future.

    Comment by Damien | 14 July, 2008

  3. In an effort to mutually support the China Blogosphere, I wanted to notify everyone of my new Chinese news aggregator, Stop by and let me know what you think. I have also made an effort to include all China-related bloggers I like/am aware of on my blogroll as well.


    Comment by Lyle Morris | 17 November, 2008

  4. Dear Francis,

    I came across your blog and I think you’re doing a great job. It contains some very interesting articles. So, keep up the good work! We can definitely benefit from them.

    Kind regards,

    PS How about a link to us on your blog roll? I think it can definitely benefit your visitors as well!

    Comment by Shean-Chong | 25 March, 2009

  5. how do I subscribe to this service?

    Comment by jim boettcher | 18 June, 2009

  6. Dear Jim,

    Thank you for your interest. If you look to the right and see the small green button under RSS, you can press that and arrange to subscribe to our “RSS” feed.

    Alternatively, you may check the site once per week. China Comment hopes to produce around 3 quality articles per month.

    You can also contact me via the comment sections of individual articles, or by my email address if you would like to discuss anything in detail.

    Comment by chinacomment | 18 June, 2009

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