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Isn’t That Odd: Dumpling Museum

Danwei had a hilarious photo, by Joel Martinsen, of what could either be a mistranslation into English, or an attempt to create an come-on for foreign visitors. Considering China’s highly innovative and capitalistic nature, it would not surprise me if this mistranslation was done on purpose to lure in Olympic guests. Congratulations to the marketer who thought of that!

Two shops here, side by side:
From - Dumpling Museum

One is the “Aqui Pasta Museum” and the other is the “Dishes Dumpling Museum”. From what I can gather from my translation of the Chinese characters, the actual Chinese lettering is saying: “House of Dumplings Place” rather than Museum, 博物馆 bowuguan。 “馆”as a character is also used in “饭馆”fanguan or “restaurant.” Now, Isn’t That Odd?

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